Brain Cloud

brain series; acrylic

Here is one of the first in a series of brain paintings.  The idea to make brain paintings came about interestingly enough through a co-worker during a discussion about “growing old” (whatever that means) and even death.  I thought perhaps a meditation on illness and the body/organs through art might bring out the humor of the situation.  We often expect art to be aesthetically pleasing.  As a culture, we have a certain idea of what is beautiful, namely youth and perfection.  But what makes art beautiful and people beautiful are the imperfections.

After making one brain painting, I was hooked!  Perhaps in the same way the mind gets hooked on ideas…obsessed even 😉  I recalled a conversation about the work of artist Jim Dine and how he painted hearts and bathrobes.  I found the bathrobes especially intriguing!  Suddenly, brains weren’t just a passing thought or an obsession, but as artists would say– I found my muse…

Turning inward, I figured what better way to meditate on my own mind and love for thinking.  The side effect is that I’m an insomniac by nature.  I find my mind both a blessing and a curse, so why not study it?

My first piece was a gift, so I am unable to share it here.  But it involves a tiny person walking out of the brain.  Follow me as we take a walk outside ourselves and try to see art, the world, and ourselves more mindfully.

As for this piece, I wanted it to be whimsical and reminiscent of cloud watching.  Think like the child using their imagination to see pictures in the clouds.  Read the children’s book, It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw, for inspiration.  What do you see when you look at the sky?  I see a brain, of course!

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