Brain Still Life

brain series; acrylic

So, let’s all breathe a sigh of relief now that we are at the end of the brain paintings… for now.  I saved the comic relief for last.  This painting calls to mind another visit to the Toledo Museum of Art.  I remarked to my friend that I was not fond of “still life” paintings.  In a word, I found them boring.  Nothing is happening.  No action.  They usually contain fruit.  I’m a writer.  I like a story.

I hope that you can imagine a story when you look at this painting.  I hope it at least arouses suspicion, a question or two.  Unless you are like me and didn’t study the painting much because as soon as you saw it was another still life, you yawned and moved on.

I guess I’m a hypocrite, too, because I’ve always been fond of drawing bottles.  I like working with shadows.  Now I’m also learning to work with light.

What if we served our mind up on a platter?  Like the piece of meat that it is.  Letting go of our thoughts like drifting clouds.  How would we feel?  Empty?  Free?  Think about that, then let it go.  Bon appetit!

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