Famous Frog Doodle

 I drew this frog as a signature on the back of my original business card.  He’s looking quite formal for the occasion, don’t you think? 😉

My Trademark Green Frog

Watercolor and Ink
on Illustration Paper

Here is my signature character, which can be found on my current business card.  I’ve been drawing this frog for about 15 years starting out with simple doodles and leading to finished illustrations.  As you can see, he’s usually a happy-go-lucky frog, sometimes even sporting a top hat with a flower in it and a bow tie.

Handy Illustration Books

Here are some great resources recommended by SCBWI featured illustrator
Diandra Mae courtesy of SCBWI Houston’s blog: Space City Illustrators.

  1. Illustrating Children’s Books by Martin Salisbury
  2. Writing with Pictures by Uri Shulevitz
  3. Illustrating Children’s Picture Books by Steven and Lesley Breen Withrow

The Red Lizard

Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

I sketched this from a photograph taken during our summer travels in Utah.  My husband and I visited Escalante.  We were searching for the Spooky slot canyon and somehow ended up in the fork canyon.

We saw many lizards on the trip, but most of them were a dull brown color.  This one was red and perfectly matched the red rock it was perched on.  We couldn’t get over how it managed to climb the wall.  Nature is truly miraculous!

*Illustration also featured at SCBWI-MI Scribblers.

SCBWI: LA Conference 2012

Award-winning illustrator Bryan Collier gave a heartfelt keynote speech.

An empty ballroom after the conference just ended…

Bryan Collier inspired me when he talked about approaching editors every week for 7 years to drop off his portfolio.  He said he felt inspired just sitting in the office where exciting things happened.  He knew he wanted to be part of this world.  Seeing this empty ballroom where so many exciting things took place, I know that I too want to be part of this world.

Bryan Collier also mentioned that the door to this world is open just a crack.  I’ve been joking ever since that I just might be small enough to fit through there 😉