Life: The Great Experiment

My friend emailed me this great blog post about people who essentially rearranged their lives to follow their passions.  I guess everyone is doing it.  Who knew?  There is one quote by writer Stephanie Wetzel that really struck me.

She said, “That’s the thing about changing. You can’t just set your sights and put your head down while you move forward. Opportunity shows up all along the way, you’ve got to keep the right perspective or you might miss it!”

What a wake up call for me.  It isn’t enough to just start on a new path, fumbling in the dark, grasping wildly, hoping for the best and still expecting the worst.  Not if you realize you’ve had your eyes closed the entire time.  Forge ahead proudly!  Yes, be willing to learn and grow.  But plant many seeds.  Try EVERYTHING.  You never know where your next great experiment might lead.

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  1. biscuitsspace
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 19:31:57

    This is so true!


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