A Labyrinth Is Not a Maze


I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been intrigued by labyrinths. Maybe it started with the movie. At first I thought it was because I like a good challenge. But then I realized I was confusing a labyrinth with a maze, which is designed as a puzzle to solve with multiple paths and dead ends. A labyrinth actually only has one path, however winding, with a clear beginning and end point. You go back out the same way you came in.

The first time I had a chance to walk a labyrinth was in San Francisco. See my post on that. It’s a highly meditative process. And it was then I realized the deeper symbolism of the labyrinth. The idea is to walk the course either thinking about some specific question you want to answer or just pondering life in general. You’ll be surprised what you come up with along the way.

So how does one go about finding a labyrinth? It turns out there’s such a thing as a labyrinth locator online. By luck, I found that there is one down the street from me outside of a church. They are very commonly located at places of worship, either inside or outside. So one Sunday my husband and I decided to walk over and check it out.

The day was hot and the labyrinth happened to be in direct sunlight, but that did not deter us.  We noticed a sign listing every major religion on it. It shared a quote from each. All the different faiths had one thing in common: The belief in the concept of helping others. This suggests that we are all connected by an invisible thread. With that thought in mind, my husband and I entered the labyrinth.

My first thought was that I felt a little bit like I was traveling around inside the belly of a giant…or its brain 😉  It’s interesting how patterns in nature repeat themselves.  Then I tried to focus my intention on the present moment.  I noticed how we moved methodically to every corner of the labyrinth, but ended up in the same spot, the center.  What does that say about life?

Afterwards, I asked my husband his thoughts.  He noticed how when we seemed closest to the center, we were really quite far from reaching it.  When we were furthest away, it turned out we were actually heading right for it.

There’s a lot to be learned from walking around inside a labyrinth.  You should try it!  I know I’ll be going back again or perhaps to a different one.  Either way, I imagine I’ll discover something new.  What I learned was that a labyrinth is not a puzzle to solve.  We are the puzzles.  And each time we enter the labyrinth, a little piece of the mystery about ourselves is revealed.

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