Partner Sketching at Detcon

my sketch

Over the summer, I attended the North American Science Fiction Convention in Detroit.  What a blast!  During a drawing workshop, we were asked to pair up with another artist and practice sketching each other.  Part of the challenge of such an exercise is that the person you are drawing is not facing you the entire time, so you really have to concentrate on getting details down while you can see them.  You almost have to take a mental snapshot.

I thought it would be fun to include both the sketch I did of my partner and a photo of the sketch she did of me.  Afterwards, as we were talking, we realized that we had both quickly identified one feature about the other that we wanted to focus on.  The identifying feature that we felt we just had to get right.  For her, I wanted to capture her interesting nose.  For me, she said she was drawn to my big eyes.  You can see how people create characterizations this way.

Enjoy!  (especially on this particularly gloomy Friday)

sketch by Lisa J. Schmidt





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