Uncovering Spirit during the Holidays

Searching, shopping, buying, spending, packaging, sending.  Where are you spirit?

We all know this is a busy time of year.  Sparkly, but cloaked in darkness.  And cold!  How to chill out but stay warm?  According to one of my favorite creative and inspirational writers,

Spirit is present in every atom of our universe! In fact, there is nothing and no place in which spirit does not exist.”  SARK

 So how can we find it, if we can’t feel it?

Simply welcome it in.  Sounds simple, right?  Here are some specific examples SARK gives for ways to welcome that elusive spirit–that is somehow everywhere–into your life.   

  • Extend an invitation to spirit by simply including room for it at your dining table or in your room, car or bed at night.
  • Spirit will appear in many forms; a moment of grace, a whisper, a hummingbird at the window, the slant of light on your bed.
  • Acknowledge the appearance of spirit with smiles, songs, celebrations or sharing with another person.

The best part is that the more you connect to spirit, the more others will as well!

This holiday season, consider ways of being lit from within.  When you light yourself up, everyone will notice.  And you just might feel spirit moving through you. 


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