Small Miracles

Howdy Partner!

Greetings all 🙂  I’m back from a recent trip to the Southwest.  And boy was it action packed!  Look for upcoming posts on just how much fun I had out there.  But for now, I want to focus on something small.

Small miracles.  What are they and why do they exist?  I don’t have any scientific explanation, but I do believe that small miracles happen on the daily.  They seem to occur while we’re waiting for the big miracles–the answers to our prayers, the dreams we hope to achieve, the success we want to have.

Big miracles are fine.  You can build a life around them.  But I believe it’s the small miracles that get us through the day, lift us up when we are down, and spark something inside us that is truly divine.

I experienced a number of small miracles on my trip.  Here are just a few that I’d like to share.

  • We received an upgrade on our flight and were able to watch movies and enjoy extra snacks on the way out west.  I sometimes get nervous on flights, so this was a great bonus!
  • In Scottsdale, my husband and I visited the shop of a local artist.  We connected with the owners, exchanged business cards, and I even received a free calendar of artwork because they found out it was almost my birthday 🙂
  • While looking for non-dairy ice cream, I found a shop serving my other favorite cold dessert–bubble tea smoothies!
  • When walking with a friend, a guy in a cowboy hat saw us posing for a photo and said– “You all need this for your picture!”  Then he placed his cowboy hat on my head.  That was great for a laugh and such a random feel-good moment 🙂  It can be fun to interact with strangers on a trip.  See the photo above.
  • Hiking in the Rockies, we met someone from my hometown–Toledo, OH.  We also met a father-daughter duo at our final destination who took our only great photo of the two of us at this spot.  They even told us about a unique local place to hang out and get a drink in Boulder.
  • We were unable to make our final dinner reservation, but the next day we ended up there for lunch.  No brunch, but they just happened to have a soft-shell crab sandwich–my favorite!  Thank goodness for small miracles 🙂

While you’re waiting for big miracles, what are the small miracles that make your day special?  Please share!

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