Dynamic Meditation

Those of you who know me know that I practice yoga, if not consistently. I also try to meditate.  Key word sometimes being “try.”  For a person who prides herself on her deep thoughts, this can be especially difficult! 😉  But for those of you in the same boat, fear not.  Let me introduce you to something different.  Something with a little more action in it.

Dynamic meditation isn’t a new concept, but it is new to me.  I recently read an article about it.  An Indian spiritual leader, Osho, taught this practice, which involves reaching a meditative state through dance.  But keep in mind that you can’t simply dance and consider it meditation.  When you are aware of yourself, it is exercise.  Still good, but not spiritual.

“Forget the dancer, the center of the ego; become the dance. That is the meditation. Dance so deeply that you forget completely that ‘you’ are dancing and begin to feel that you are the dance. The division must disappear; then it becomes a meditation.” —Osho

I decided to give it a try, following the guided meditation offered in the article.  The instructions suggest that you can listen to music while doing this exercise.  As a beginner, I was grateful for that!  The music that I chose was quite uplifting, so it was relatively easy to develop my own body rhythms in response to what I was hearing.  Even so, I still felt an awareness of self.  But after a while, I noticed my movements getting bigger, becoming more fluid and a bit more daring.  Afterwards, I felt both energized and calm.

“With a mad dance, you begin to be aware of a silent point within you…”

I’m not sure that I reached a constant state of silence, but I know I glimpsed moments of it.

According to Osho, meditation doesn’t necessarily need to be a spiritual practice, either.  He believed that it could be used for self-realization or as a way of healing the mind and body.

Maybe it was the music I chose, but I certainly felt more empowered after my meditative dance.  So, in a way, I healed myself.

But what about healing others through the dance?  Is it possible to send good vibrations out into the world simply through moving our bodies dynamically?  I don’t have the answer to that.  But given the recent events in Paris and other parts of the world, I think it is worth a try.  Rather than feeling sad, scared, or powerless about a situation you can’t control, why not get up and move.  Offer your healing energy to the world and see what happens.  Let’s dance, dance, dance our way to personal empowerment, freedom and world peace!

“Remember: life is a rhythm between day and night, summer and winter. It is a continuous rhythm. Never stop anywhere! Be moving! And the bigger the swing, the deeper your experience will be.”  —Osho



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