Tour of My Mindwork Art Exhibition

Greetings ūüôā¬† Can you believe it’s the end of October already?¬† I hope many of you had a chance to see my recent art exhibit at the Troy Public Library.¬† But if you didn’t, don’t fret!¬† You can still take the virtual tour now.¬† Enjoy!¬† (Don’t forget to let your mind wander…)

Mindwork honors the mind as both creator and creation.

That’s all for now…¬† Until next time!

Mindwork: My Art Exhibition at Troy Library

Greetings ūüôā¬† I’m excited to report that my artwork will be showing at the Troy Public Library for the month of October.¬† It was a lot of work putting together, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out.¬† It’s a combination of work, some adult and some children’s illustration.¬† If you’re in the area, you should come check it out!

I’ve been talking a lot about bucket lists lately.¬† Speaking of which, I can cross one¬†item off my list.¬† In a recent post, I offered a tour of Denise Fleming’s Story Park, which features her work at the Toledo Library.¬† I mentioned that it‚Äôs a dream of mine to have my work displayed in a library.¬† I guess some dreams do come true…especially when you make¬†them happen!¬† What dream will you make happen?

Where Is the Post?

blue calligraphy ink with chopsticks

Want to find out what this drawing relates to?¬† Check out my guest post, entitled “Horseplay,”¬†on Katherine Carver’s photography blog.

Cabbagehead Knight

Cabbagehead Knight

Here is my entry for the annual Tomie dePaola Art Award.  We had to choose one of three classic books and create an illustration in black and white only.  I chose Little Women, which I had just finished reading a year prior.  I wanted my image to stand out, so I actually chose to illustrate a story within a story.  What would a knight look like with a cabbage for a head?  Would he feel it or not?  The idea of the brave knight with a cabbagehead is a juxtaposition in and of itself.  This piece represents innovation, transformation, and humility.

Then, to top it off, I drew the final picture using chopsticks and calligraphy ink.  Talk about pressure to get it right!  I had already done several studies of both knights and cabbages in pencil, but they seemed to lack something.  Or perhaps they were simply too careful.  With chopsticks and ink you have to let everything go.  You have to let the art move through you.  It is a way to laugh at yourself and the idea of perfection.  Just like this cabbagehead.  Enjoy!

Check out some of the other fantastic entries.

The forum allows artists to comment on each other’s work.¬† Here is what some talented entrants said about mine:

“so good.. reminds me of this book I just came across.”

-Brian Won

“So fun! Love his expression, Angela..and chopsticks? Wow! : )”

-Shirley Ng-Benitez


There’s a great article in the Nov. 2012 issue of¬†EXPERIENCE L!FE magazine.¬† Maternity lifestyle expert Latham Thomas was interviewed about how women can get the most out of their pregnancy.¬†¬†Check out Mama Glow, which features¬†her new book¬†with the same name.

As a writer, what I found most interesting was her comparison¬† of babies to ideas and how we, in a sense, give birth to them.¬† She likens the creative process to “wombifesting.”

LT– “It‚Äôs focusing on the womb, the place in the body that‚Äôs connected with everything we create, and understanding that everything is born from darkness…The energy here is always fluid and flowing; all you have to do is show up and lend yourself to the process…Womb-ifestation happens inside of you and then moves out into the world. The growth is not necessarily witnessed by others.”

Continuing with the brain paintings, here is my interpretation of this concept.

Calligraphy Ink on Mixed Media Paper

I call it: Incubation.¬† I feel a little like Victor in Frankenstein when I say that ūüėȬ† The interesting part about the process is that I used chopsticks with calligraphy ink to create this piece.¬† As you probably guessed, ink is quite permanent and chopsticks are not very precise.¬† It was very scary because I knew there wasn’t much I could do if I made a mistake.¬† At the same time, it was liberating to just create without relying too much on a given outcome.¬† What would be would be.¬†¬†And that is at the heart of incubating an idea.¬† ‚̧