Alone and Writing

How do we fight the loneliness that creeps in when practicing our craft, which by its very nature is quite a lonely business?  Here are some tips!

According to writer Natalie Goldberg, we should “use loneliness.”

“Think of sharing your need to talk with someone else when you write.  Reach out of the deep chasm of loneliness and express yourself to another human being.”

Poet Rainer Maria Rilke suggests making “a pact with aloneness.”

“Your pact with aloneness will be your support and solace even in the midst of unfamiliar situations.  It is through that aloneness that you will find all your paths.”

Samuel Beckett writes, “A voice comes to one in the dark.  Imagine.”

“But if on occasion so disheartened it is seldom for long.  For little by little as he lies the craving for company revives.  In which to escape from his own.  The need to hear that voice again.”

I think that inner voice is the one that helps us tell our stories.  The one we can only find while alone in the dark.  Can you hear your story calling you?