Daily Thought: How to Gain Freedom

If you’re waiting for the answer, you’ve been tricked! Consider it a late St. Patrick’s Day pinch for not wearing green ūüėČ

You can’t wait around to earn your own freedom.¬† You have to give it to yourself now.

Check out the blog post from Tiny Buddha that inspired this concept.

Where Is the Post?

blue calligraphy ink with chopsticks

Want to find out what this drawing relates to?¬† Check out my guest post, entitled “Horseplay,”¬†on Katherine Carver’s photography blog.

Letting Go

My friend just sent me a link to an article called “The ‘Busy’ Trap.”¬† It reminded me of a wonderful speech I heard at the SCBWI conference in LA last summer given by one of my favorite new authors,¬† Deborah Underwood.¬† She wrote the¬†amazing picture book, The Quiet Book.¬† It is no surprise that her essay was all about the power of quiet and how it can actually motivate us to write more by thinking and working less.¬† This may not be the ideal for a procrastinator like myself.¬† On the other hand,¬†sometimes we reach a “stuck point” in our writing where we can’t seem to go any further.¬† What then?

I have actually been at this “stuck point” for a while now, hence the procrastination.¬† Sure, I’ve been working on art projects and writing this blog, so I’m technically not doing nothing.¬† But¬†I’ve only dabbled with the novel.¬† I haven’t really delved back in, even though that is exactly what I need to do.¬† I’ve been avoiding it because I’m scared to¬†face it.¬† I’m¬†actually scared to find my voice on the page.¬† Maybe I’m afraid of what I’ll actually find if I do.¬† Part of me thinks I just don’t have the answer.¬† But guess what?¬† That turned out not to be true, either.

On the airplane to Japan,¬†I started stressing about how to approach the¬†novel revision at this point.¬† A 10 hour flight can really make you think!¬† I was trying to force myself to come up with answers about who my character really is and what she wants and how she will find it.¬†¬†Needless to say, the more I pushed, the less I figured out.¬† I actually didn’t solve anything.¬† Then I tried something I hadn’t.¬† I just “let it go.”¬†¬†First I studied Japanese, but then¬†I decided to let that go, too.¬† How much more would I learn in a few short hours?¬† Then I watched movies the rest of the time.¬† And slept.¬† I even played Tetris on my new iphone.¬† When I got to Japan, I¬†spent time¬†with family, shopped, visited some amazing shrines and temples, ate a¬†ton of food, and took a few good walks despite the cold weather.¬†¬†I didn’t think about the novel at all.

Here’s the surprise.¬† On the trip back, my mind was waiting for me once again, but this time with answers.¬† Unexpected ones.¬† Just ideas mainly.¬† Experiments.¬† But I felt hopeful.

Once again I have the chance to play with words.¬† All by letting go.¬† Funny, my horoscope said the same thing.¬†¬†But I kind of rolled my eyes when I saw it.¬† After all, who wants to¬†practice letting go?¬† It makes you feel like you’re letting go of your dream.¬† But trust me, you aren’t.¬† You’re giving it space to play.¬† To dance.¬† And when the time is¬†right, you will rejoin it in that dance.¬† And it will be spectacular.¬† But only if you have the courage to let it be, first.¬† Thanks Beatles ūüėČ

“When I find myself in times of trouble,¬† Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be…”

Life: The Great Experiment

My friend emailed me this great blog post about people who essentially rearranged their lives to follow their passions.  I guess everyone is doing it.  Who knew?  There is one quote by writer Stephanie Wetzel that really struck me.

She said, “That‚Äôs the thing about changing. You can‚Äôt just set your sights and put your head down while you move forward. Opportunity shows up all along the way, you‚Äôve got to keep the right perspective or you might miss it!”

What a wake up call for me.¬†¬†It isn’t enough to just¬†start on a new path, fumbling in the dark, grasping wildly, hoping for the best and still expecting the worst.¬†¬†Not if you realize¬†you’ve had your eyes closed the entire time.¬† Forge ahead proudly!¬† Yes, be willing to learn and grow.¬† But plant many seeds.¬† Try EVERYTHING.¬† You never know where¬†your next¬†great experiment might lead.

Why Is Revision so Hard?

Check out this enlightening guest post on Fiction Notes by Carrie A. Pearson, author of A Warm Winter Tail. 

Why is revision so hard?¬† She says it’s because it “disturbs our emotional core.”

How can we get around that?¬†¬†We basically have to reframe our brains!¬† Imagine that.¬† So say it with me:¬† My writing isn’t wrong.¬† I’m not wrong.¬† But in the end, I must do what is best for the piece.¬† Dig deeper!¬† Find the gem and trust that you will feel it when you see it on paper.


So I really didn’t see myself as a blogger.¬† I mean, I’ve posted to other people’s blogs for sure, but I figured having my own blog would take up way too much time when I could be busy creating– art, poetry, stories, etc.¬† But after creating and creating, I finally asked myself– What’s it all for?¬† That’s when I realized I¬†need to practice sharing it and that one way to do that in the modern world is by creating¬†an online presence.¬† Afterall, sharing is part of what it means to be human.¬† Of course, there are still going to be days when I want to hide out or hide my work under the bed, but I think I’m making progress by getting into the arena, so to speak.¬† I look forward to sharing my personal journey with you as well as any wisdom I¬†discover¬†about¬†becoming an artist through meditation and practice.¬† Thanks for reading!