Mindwork: My Art Exhibition at Troy Library

Greetings ūüôā¬† I’m excited to report that my artwork will be showing at the Troy Public Library for the month of October.¬† It was a lot of work putting together, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out.¬† It’s a combination of work, some adult and some children’s illustration.¬† If you’re in the area, you should come check it out!

I’ve been talking a lot about bucket lists lately.¬† Speaking of which, I can cross one¬†item off my list.¬† In a recent post, I offered a tour of Denise Fleming’s Story Park, which features her work at the Toledo Library.¬† I mentioned that it‚Äôs a dream of mine to have my work displayed in a library.¬† I guess some dreams do come true…especially when you make¬†them happen!¬† What dream will you make happen?

Visualizing Your Dreams

“Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build.” –Robert Collier

Here I am pinpointing two of my dreams: to publish a book and visit Italy.

While in Columbus, I visited the warehouse located at 400 West Rich Street, which houses several art/design studios.¬† It’s a unique concept¬†in which¬†art is helping to revive an area of the city.¬† I would love to be part of the same effort in Detroit.

I also visited The Book Loft, a local bookstore in German Village.¬† There are a total of 32 rooms to wind your way through, but somehow I found the children’s section.¬† I would love to see my own books here, too¬†ūüôā

As you know, I’ve been reading¬†SARK’s book “Making Your Creative Dreams Real.” One of my favorite chapters is “The World of Yes.” Why? Because it’s so positive!¬†She gives¬†new meaning to¬†the word love.





How can we do that? By visualizing!¬† When we visualize each step of our dream, we’re more likely to make¬†it a reality.¬† SARK says, “We visualize our creative dreams and some part of us says YES.¬† I can do that…¬† It can happen…¬† We can build it…”¬† So¬†start¬†visualizing and say YES! to your dream.

My husband and I spotted another bucket list in Montreal!  It turns out people are dreaming all over the world.  Check it out

The Power of Dreaming

Make Your Creative Dreams Real

Greetings dreamers!

I found this book serendipitously at the library.¬† It seemed to be calling out to me ūüėȬ† I would venture to say it is calling out to all of you as well.¬† Anyone who is a dreamer.¬† And we all are…or at least we should be.¬† And here is why:

SARK‘s book suggests that the world needs more people dreaming and living out their dreams, even partially.¬† It doesn’t have to be for money.¬† It doesn’t have to be big. And your dreams are free to change and adapt constantly!¬† But we need to dream because¬†dreaming creates more¬†energy, which directly benefits th world around us.

“We are all energized by creative dreams.”¬† –SARK

So where will you begin?