The Simplest Cure

Have you ever had one of those days when your writing goes terribly wrong?  You might have spent hours typing away at the computer only to find that your main character is whiny, cliché, or worst of all…boring.  What should you do?  Before you burn your manuscript and take another day job, pause for a moment.  I think we all know the solution on some level, but it is so easy to forget.  See if you can answer this question correctly.  When we have trouble with our writing we should:

a) consult a style manual

b) consult a shrink

c) read another novel in the hopes of soaking up some of its greatness

d) rehash the novel with a friend

Technically, any of these answers could apply or none of them.  But I just realized, to my surprise and delight, that the best therapy for a bad day of writing is actually more writing.  Try it!  I dare you…