Tour the Denise Fleming Story Park!

Awhile back I interviewed author/illustrator Denise Fleming and shared that interview here.  I mentioned that her work is on display at the Sanger Branch Library in Toledo, OH.  That library was gracious enough to share photos from the Denise Fleming Story Park.  And now I’m sharing them with you 🙂

Welcome! You are in for a treat. Follow me on an e-tour of the famous Denise Fleming Story Park, which celebrates the artwork of this renowned picture book author and illustrator. You’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into one of Fleming’s books. Guaranteed!

Pond 1


Pond 1

Pond 2

Pond 3

Pond 4



Park View 2





Firefly Bush

It’s a dream of mine to have my work displayed in a library.  What are some of your dreams?  Please share!  In the meantime, enjoy the warm glow of these fiery fireflies.  According to Ted Andrew’s book, Animal-Wise, fireflies symbolize inspiration and the promise of accomplishment through hope and efforts.  May fireflies light the path to your own dreams so that you can make them come true.