“Digging in the Dung”

Happy Saturday everyone ūüôā¬† A friend recently recommended¬†an insightful and often hilarious book by a Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm.¬† The book is aptly titled Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung?¬† One of the stories asks us what we would do if a pile of dung was dropped on our front lawn unexpectedly.

“‘Digging in the dung’ is a metaphor for welcoming the tragedies as fertilizer for life.¬† It is work that we have to do alone: no one can help us here.¬† But by digging it into the garden of our heart, day by day, the pile of pain gets less.”

The monk goes on to mention that if we continue to put the dung into our garden, one shovelful at a time, one day we will find our garden blooming and the pile of dung gone.  All that remains is fruit and fragrance.

I decided to illustrate this concept, giving it a small twist.  Enjoy!  And may your own garden bloom.

digging in dung