‘Tis the Season for Flowers

Greetings my lovely readers!  I’m still making cards.  I recently attended a Japanese art class where we painted cherry blossoms.  Look for that in a later post 😉  But meanwhile, it inspired me to go home and create even more artwork!  I decided to try painting some of my mixed media flowers with watercolor and ink.  If you would like to see others like this, check out my post here.  Enjoy 🙂




When It Rains

Even the flowers cried in their beds…

This piece is displayed in tribute to the recent flooding disaster in Detroit.  A tragedy too close to home.  I know what it is like to experience flooding.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those who experienced loss.  Let us remember that the city is made strongest by the strength of its people.

May Flowers

I just got a new scanner for my birthday.  Come see what bloomed!

Everything from traditional to modern.  Enjoy the garden 🙂

watercolor and pencil

watercolor and pencil

watercolor, watercolor pencil, and ink

watercolor, watercolor pencil, and ink

watercolor and watercolor pencil

watercolor and gesso