Does this scene look familiar?¬† It should ūüėȬ† This landscape art is based on the famous painting by Georges Seurat entitled A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.¬† James T. Mason is the sculptor and creator of this garden.¬† I recently visited The Topiary Park in Columbus, OH.¬† Talk about walking into a painting!

While here, I could have just enjoyed the scenery and posed for photos.¬† But I also decided to begin my practice of¬†microMOVEments.¬† What exactly are those?¬† Think of them as baby steps towards your ultimate goal.¬† A way of building your dream brick by brick.¬† The concept was coined by SARK, author of Make Your Creative Dreams Real, which¬†I mentioned in a previous post.¬† She describes such movements as small bursts of energy or tiny actions that can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.¬† If you’re one of the millions of busy people¬†in the world or if you¬†have problems with procrastination, you should try this out.

Here I am completing a microMOVEment by sketching at the park while on vacation.

And here is the result of my efforts ūüôā

pen and ink

pen and ink

pen and ink

Just remember, Seurat’s painting wasn’t created in a day.¬† But step by step, your dream will manifest.¬† Starting now!¬† What microMOVEment will you complete today?

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