Bring on Spring!

Slot Canyon










I created these acrylic paintings last summer, but haven’t had a chance to show them until now.  I thought they’d be a great way to welcome spring.  The character on the right is known as Kokopelli.  This figure is considered a fertility god in the Southwest.  His symbol is found carved on many ancient rocks.  He also represents music and storytelling.  By playing his flute, he is said to chase away winter and call forth spring.  Some consider him a trickster similar to the Greek god Pan, which is fitting for this April Fools’ week 😉  Kokopelli is often associated with the hummingbird as well.

My husband and I first encountered the Kokopelli symbol on a trip to Sedona, Arizona.  And then again in Utah.  These paintings are based on photographs we took while hiking there.  They’re a gift to my husband.  For some reason we feel very at home in the Southwest.  While we were in Utah, we walked through narrow slot canyons, saw hummingbirds feeding near a ranger station, and viewed petroglyphs at Capitol Reef National Park.  We saw many little lizards scurrying around, too.

The hummingbird is a symbol of optimism and the lizard is a symbol of dreams.  I hope you feel optimistic about your dreams as you approach springtime!  If not, consider making a change.  Both of these animals are also symbols of adaptability.

Happy spring!


The Red Lizard

Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper

I sketched this from a photograph taken during our summer travels in Utah.  My husband and I visited Escalante.  We were searching for the Spooky slot canyon and somehow ended up in the fork canyon.

We saw many lizards on the trip, but most of them were a dull brown color.  This one was red and perfectly matched the red rock it was perched on.  We couldn’t get over how it managed to climb the wall.  Nature is truly miraculous!

*Illustration also featured at SCBWI-MI Scribblers.