The Power of Dreaming

Make Your Creative Dreams Real

Greetings dreamers!

I found this book serendipitously at the library.¬† It seemed to be calling out to me ūüėȬ† I would venture to say it is calling out to all of you as well.¬† Anyone who is a dreamer.¬† And we all are…or at least we should be.¬† And here is why:

SARK‘s book suggests that the world needs more people dreaming and living out their dreams, even partially.¬† It doesn’t have to be for money.¬† It doesn’t have to be big. And your dreams are free to change and adapt constantly!¬† But we need to dream because¬†dreaming creates more¬†energy, which directly benefits th world around us.

“We are all energized by creative dreams.”¬† –SARK

So where will you begin?


Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon

Here’s the story behind this book.¬† A good friend recommended it over the summer.¬† I had trouble interloaning it from the library and forgot about it.¬† Another friend randomly bought me the book you see here.¬† What’s the connection?¬† Serendipity!

I’m calling 2013 the year of possibilities.¬† I’m also searching for my “style.”¬† This book has helped put it all in¬†perspective.

Favorite quotes from this book:

“The only art¬†I’ll ever study is stuff that I can steal from.”¬† –David¬†Bowie

“Start copying what you love.¬† Copy copy copy copy.¬† At the end of the copy you will find your self.”¬† –Yohji¬†Yamamoto

(I love Monet.  See my attempt at copying his style here.  But in the end, is it Monet or is it me?)

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”¬† –Jessica Hische

“Avoiding work is the way to focus¬†my mind.”¬† –Maira Kalman

(See the result of my procrastination here.)

If you’re an artist and unsure of yourself or just unsure of how to begin for the day, read this book.¬† I highly recommend studying the diagram on pg. 83 ūüėČ

I will leave you with a quote from author/illustrator Shaun Tan.¬†¬†He was a keynote speaker at the SCBWI conference in NY this year, which I was unable to attend.¬† I would have loved to sit in on his session on “Developing A Personal Style.”¬† Luckily, someone tweeted about it.

“Your deep style is the intersection of all¬† the other styles you adopt.”¬† –Shaun Tan

Now it’s your turn.¬† Tell me about a “happy accident” you had either in art or in life.¬†