I recently took a watercolor class, which was really fun.  Look for more watercolor artwork in future postings.

In this watercolor sketch, I was practicing painting still water with reflections in it.  I can’t take all the credit though.  This was part of an exercise from a wonderful book called Creating Textures in Watercolor by Cathy Johnson.  You should check it out!  It makes watercolor very accessible for both the novice and the expert.  A classmate recommended it to me.  I’m still working on the salt technique, so stay tuned for that….

I actually wondered if I should post this, since it’s a rendering of another painting.  But then I remembered, all the “old masters” copied.  That is how we learn.  If you’re not convinced, see my earlier post.  Then, when we “get it,” we can sit down at our drawing table and apply the technique to our own ideas.  It is fascinating how that works, actually 😉

But the real lesson for today:  Don’t be afraid to tackle the subjects that really scare you!