Tour of My Mindwork Art Exhibition

Greetings ūüôā¬† Can you believe it’s the end of October already?¬† I hope many of you had a chance to see my recent art exhibit at the Troy Public Library.¬† But if you didn’t, don’t fret!¬† You can still take the virtual tour now.¬† Enjoy!¬† (Don’t forget to let your mind wander…)

Mindwork honors the mind as both creator and creation.

That’s all for now…¬† Until next time!

Tour the Denise Fleming Story Park!

Awhile back I interviewed author/illustrator Denise Fleming and shared that interview here.¬†¬†I mentioned that her work is on display at the Sanger Branch Library in Toledo, OH.¬† That library was gracious enough to share photos from the Denise Fleming Story Park.¬† And¬†now I’m sharing¬†them with you ūüôā

Welcome! You are in for a treat. Follow me on an e-tour of the famous Denise Fleming Story Park, which¬†celebrates the artwork of this renowned picture book author and illustrator. You’ll feel like you’ve just stepped into one of Fleming’s books. Guaranteed!

Pond 1


Pond 1

Pond 2

Pond 3

Pond 4



Park View 2





Firefly Bush

It’s a dream of mine to have my work displayed in a library.¬† What are some of your dreams?¬† Please share!¬† In the meantime, enjoy the warm glow of these fiery fireflies.¬†¬†According to Ted Andrew’s book, Animal-Wise,¬†fireflies symbolize inspiration and the promise of accomplishment through hope and efforts.¬† May¬†fireflies¬†light the path to your own dreams so that you can make them¬†come true.